Wetland Mitigation Monitoring

Wetland Resources has experience conducting long-term wetland mitigation monitoring to document the progress of wetland mitigation sites.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires that a wetland mitigation site be monitored for five years after construction to ensure that it successfully develops into a self sustaining wetland.  An annual monitoring report must be submitted to the COE that includes plant transect data showing percent cover of wetland species, set photo points that visually map the progress of the mitigation site, and identifies any maintenance issues that need to be addressed such as weed control.  An experienced wetland biologist can detect potential problems in the mitigation site and suggest remedies before it is too late. 

Goshen Mitigation Site Year 1

Goshen Mitigation Site Year 4

Myton Mitigation Site Year 1

Myton Mitigation Site Year 4